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Milwaukee's Official Liverpool F.C Supporters Group

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About Membership

Cream City Scouser's is Milwaukee's Official LFC Supporters Group. As a passionate group of fans, Three Lions Pub, is proud to be their home. As a member you will receive a keychain that allows you to receive drink specials (sse below) at both Three Lions and Red Lion Pub all day, everyday.

You can sign up at any Liverpool by asking a bartender or server for information.

2020-21 Member Specials
$40 membership

Member's Receive:

- 1 x Carlsberg Facemask
- 1 x Cream City Scouser Members keychain
- 2 x Free Breakfasts 
- 2 x Free Keg Parties

Drink Specials:
$3 Jim Beam Shots
$4 Jamo and Califino Shots
$4 Beermosa, Mimosa, Carlsberg
$5 3 Sheeps, Bells
$8 DOUBLE Absolut Bloody Mary's/Califino Bloody Maria's

Other deals: 2 free breakfasts and 2 free keg parties

Cream City Scousers Scarf: 
$20 For Members
$25 For Non-Members

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Cream City Scousers Whatsapp Group

Stay up to date and chat with like minded Liverpool Fc fans by joining the Whatsapp Group.